And the winner is….

23 feb 2012

The winner of the Avison Flash Fiction Competition, category non-native, is Daniel Marcko from MarknadsAttack.

Daniel chose EUR 60 in iTunes/Appstore vouchers. Congratulations Daniel! The rules were, no more than 300 words, and with a focus on the creative use of language.

And here is Daniel’s story:


The girl with Wind in hair

We’ve heard the stories, the most unbelievable stories of how she came about. The questions asked – wether it was true or not where never answered, never asked. It was all assumed, the unspoken truth.

In assumption the plan unfolded, to make the trip, to make the quest. Like kids playing a pirates game the venture rose in excitement, what would they find? What treasures could be discovered.

The fog rolled in, floating on the murky sea like the ”crema” on a dark espresso as the party set off with sales flopping like massive wings on a bird on a crash course. The adventure begun and these modern Livingstones settled in position as the countdown begun.

…Il, E, Sam, Sah, Oh… He smiled as he thought of the flowers in her hair, the wind, the sand, the truth.

Darkness, the quietness, the sleep – the deepest of all sleeps…

…the images

Yuk, Chil, Pahl, Kup, Sip…
Winds a blazing, almost tropical punishing the now, as it stands it’s time on shore.
Here comes the gust, again, again …and again.

On a cold night, on a hot day it’s all the same. Emotions and relations flurrying, scurrying towards a future unknown.

”Change the challenge” came to play but to no avail as no one would play, that game of life and love.

Dressed in you I stood before you naked. Skin as pale as dimmed down lights.
Sun settled on the sand Is this really anybody’s land?

Questions never answered, left untouched. Virgin words pure unknown.

How did I get here, how did I become?

Holding on …to life, to her…

…my girl with wind in hair.


Watch this space for more competitions in future…

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