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17 Sep 2014

Omanovic Production is a Swedish film production company based in Stockholm. And they’re a creative gang, with twin brothers Adi and Mak hailing originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina at the controls! They produce fiction, commercials and some documentary material, but mainly stuff with scripts and made-up stories (those are their own words). And their client list is not to be sniffed at either!

Avison has helped the Omanovic brothers with translations, subtitles, and voiceover for several projects. We write or edit film scripts and then translate/localise them in other languages. We also translate subtitles and record and translate scripts for voiceover for their films.

Brother Adi says “ We’ve worked with Avison on several film projects, for clients such as Tele2. Deadlines have always been tight, but they have always delivered in time. Yet another translation project was recently closed with a very satisfied customer and a brilliant job done, as always!”. 

– Adi Omanovic, Producer/Director

Avison Communication is a communications agency with a focus on language and translation work. We are passionate about film making and have been involved in subtitle translation, script work, voiceover and dubbing for several clients. We also do other types of translation and localisation work, helping clients with apps, websites, technical manuals, brochures, software systems and more. And we supply international companies, large and small, with language and cultural training courses, interpreting services, and proofreading & copywriting work. We work in over 40 of the world’s business languages. Contact us today for a quick and competitive translation quote**


** We use human translators. They are experienced, qualified, and good at what they do. We only use translation software to assist in our work, adding to efficiency. For this reason, we are not the cheapest agency out there. But our clients are prepared to pay for their message to be broadcast around the world correctly, with cultural sensitivity, and concisely.


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