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19 Nov 2013

Avtal24 is an innovative Swedish company offering a brand new way for both private individuals and companies to draw up comprehensive, high-quality legal documents. Create contracts, wills, powers of attorney and much more via a simple online system. 

When this exciting young company saw the opportunity to offer its services in the English language as well as Swedish, they needed a modern yet established translation agency. They came to Avison Communication and we put together an add-on translation service for Avtal24 to offer to its clients*

For this partnership, we use only our translators with a legal background and with experience of the translation business. We screen and test our translators thoroughly before bringing them in as part of the Avison translation team. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so we know translation!

Aleksandra Derikonja, lawyer and COO at Avtal24 says “we get a lot of requests from clients who want quality translations, but don’t need or want to pay for authorised translation. A typical example is when one partner in a marriage does not speak Swedish and just wants to understand the content of the prenuptial agreement. This is a great alternative for these kind of clients, and very affordable.”

We aim to constantly improve the service that Avtal24 provides through its translation add-on, and look forward to offering legal translations into more languages in a near future. 

Do you have an innovative product or service that you would like to localise for sale internationally? We can help you translate your app, website, documents or films into over 40 of the world’s most common languages. Avison Communication is a leading translation, localisation, transcreation, proofreading and copywriting services provider. Interpreting, language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services also form part of our services portfolio. Contact us today to discuss how we can shape an innovative partnership. 


*We will not provide a translation of a document created using Avtal24’s service if you come directly to us. Use solely Avtal24’s online service and the translation add-on. 


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