Case: Mandarin interpreting for Chinese government officials & companies

Client: Cloudberry Communications AB
Event: Mainland China-Hong Kong Joint Investment & Partnership Mission to Stockholm
Venue: IVA Konferenscenter, Stockholm, Sweden.
Service rendered: Simultaneous interpreting, Chinese (Mandarin) < > English/Swedish.

This fascinating event, organised by Cloudberry Communications for their client, Hong Kong Trade development Council, saw officials and other delegates in the automotive, clean tech and ICT sectors discussing future partnership opportunities with Swedish technology companies. The delegates also visited Ericsson’s head office in Kista before the lunch.

Avison was tasked with making the communications on the day go smoothly for up to 50 Chinese and Swedish guests. A team of five interpreters helped enable the delegates to talk to one another during a guided tour, a business lunch, and a seminar. The interpreters were required to cover English, Swedish and Chinese, and to interpret in both consecutive and simultaneous situations. So the interpreters needed to be fully fluent in all the languages, and they needed to be quick thinkers!

Our team did a great job, with Julie Borselius, Key Account Manager at Cloudberry, saying ”Avison’s interpreting service connected our Chinese and Swedish guests during the networking lunch and the consecutive interpretation during the visit to Ericsson made it a fruitful visit for the delegates.”

Avison provides professional interpreters in a number of languages for conference interpreting, simultaneous or consecutive, for meetings, at schools, or for medical consultations. We work with most of the common business languages required in Sweden and around Europe. Feel free to contact us with your interpreting request.

Do you need help communicating on a global market place? Avison Communication is a Stockholm-based language and translation agency working with over 50 languages. If you require translation, interpreting, language training, subtitling or voiceover, please contact with a project manager here.

Image credit: Björn Dallin

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