Chilled out translation; quality cooling & heating requires quality translation

2 Jul 2013

Chiller Oy is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient and functional cooling and heating equipment.

Avison Communication is glad to be Chiller’s translation and localisation partner for the company’s Green Future magazine and for selected articles from the website.

So far, we have helped Chiller to promote its products, which can be seen in all sorts of places, including the Mood shopping centre here in Stockholm, in several languages. Projects have included translations from Swedish to English, Swedish to Finnish, Finnish to English and English to Norwegian. 

Heikki Lahdenperä, Managing director of Chiller Oy, says: “Avison Communication’s services fit our marketing strategy, especially for the production of our customer magazine, Green Future.

The magazine is published in four languages and distributed in the Nordic countries. Avison Communication helps us to gain international visibility”

We look forward to working with Chiller further on the company’s international communication strategy. If your company is in the market for some top-quality heating or cooling equipment, check out Green Future magazine here.

If you want to talk to us about your international marketing strategy, then do drop us a line. Avison Communication provides its clients with leading translation, localisation, transcreation and copywriting services in over 40 of the world’s most common business languages. We also help companies to expand internationally with language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services. 


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