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CleverLearning. An e-learning agency

Clever solutions need clever translations.

CleverLearning helps you succeed with e-learning, both on the computer and on mobile devices. The company helps other companies, government authorities and nonprofit organisations, with everything from comprehensive orientation programs for new employees, to basic online courses that simplify everyday work. Due to its size, CleverLearning has the capacity to handle several large projects simultaneously.

Avison helps CleverLearning’s international clients with translations of the company’s training programs to as many as 12 different languages, including English, Finnish, Arabic and Russian. We recently provided translations of important courses on the subjects of work environment, sustainability, social responsibility, and other topics.

Henrik Ax, Production manager, says “Our translation projects with Avison always go smoothly. There’s a clear dialogue, deadlines are met, and we are satisfied with the quality of the translations, as are our end users.”

With the help of Avison’s translations, international and non English-speaking users also stand to gain from CleverLearning’s online courses. This contributes to better work places and better social environments.

We look forward to an ongoing and mutually-beneficial collaboration with CleverLearning, and translations of more e-learning courses into more languages.

Avison Communication is a translation and language service provider based in Stockholm, Sweden. We translate and localise everything from websites and apps, to reports and brochures. We also provide professional language training, interpreting, subtitling, and voiceover services.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your language or translation project.


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