Cross-border care; careful translation

17 Jul 2015

Specialist medical translation for exciting medical tourism company located in Riga. 

 “… a friendly and professional service, and the result of the project was perfect. We are extremely satisfied with the translation!”

Swedish Medcare AS is a Swedish-owned company with Swedish management, based in Riga, Latvia. They provide qualified medical services and other services related to health and medical care. Their ambition is to provide customers with the best possible health results and the confidence that a good organisation and high-quality services inspire.

It’s fascinating what you, as an EU citizen, are entitled to when it comes to cross-border care or treatment abroad. And you can even get your expenses reimbursed…. It’s known as medical tourism. And now you can read about it in English on Swedish Medcare’s website. We were tasked with translating and localising the website, and we were pleased to get our (healthy) teeth into the project! Medical translation requires special care, and we had the right translation team for the job. 

The website is packed with specialist info on professional medical services. Translating such a site requires not only background knowledge, but also lengthy research and an eye for detail. The client was very happy with the result, and had the following to say about working with us on the translation project: 

“Avison provided a friendly and professional service, and the result of the project was perfect. We are extremely satisfied with the translation!”

We look forward to a continued collaboration with Swedish Medcare, and wish them luck in their endeavours across the Baltic Sea. 


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