Mission Possible: Interpreting for Québec National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale du Québec)

9 Jun 2014

The Québec National Assembly is the place where Québec’s elected representatives debate questions of public interest and exercise their roles as legislators and overseers, in Québec, Canada.

In January, a delegation from the Assembly paid a visit to Stockholm to discuss security issues with a group of experts from the Swedish Riksdag (parliament). A group of Swedes and French Canadians discussing security, surveillance, elections and other safety issues definitely needed help to communicate with one another!

Avison provided 2 experienced simultaneous interpreters, between Swedish and French, in order to facilitate the presentations and discussions. With these experts interpreting in real time, the distinguished guests (which included the Speaker of the National Assembly and Chief Government Whip) were able to get through the packed agenda in the time allotted.

Simultaneous interpreting (in real time) is a very skilled task. And we use only experienced and qualified interpreters. In this situation, interpreters need to swap over every 30 or 40 minutes, due to the extreme levels of concentration required. So we had 2 Swedish<>French interpreters on site, and with interpreting equipment, throughout the day. 

Olivier Lemieux Périnet from the assembly says he was extremely satisfied: “I’ve really appreciated doing business with Avison. Good contact, good service…I would not hesitate to recommend you!”

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