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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

We offer Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

6 May 2020

Browser-based technology: reach an international audience without the need for a physical venue. Our existing pool of interpreters use virtual booths with the perfect setup to provide professional simultaneous (or consecutive if required) interpreting of virtual meetings, video conferences, webinars,…

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Ines Spanska översättare

Translator’s tales no. 3

1 Mar 2018

Stargazing Spanish translator Inés has been one of our go-to resources for Spanish since 2012. Apart from living in Spain, where she currently resides, Inés has also lived in Austria, England, Norway and Germany.  

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Korrekturläsning Sky Runner

Proofreading & editing exciting books from Gawell Förlag

15 Feb 2018

 “with Avison giving the English books a last read-through, we’ve felt 100% safe in the knowledge that we’ve published a quality product, and within the deadline. They’re also incredibly easy, friendly and communicative to work with. We look forward to…

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Hanza: 7 languages

20 Nov 2017

HANZA is a rapidly growing industrial business partner within manufacturing. Avison translates the company’s materials into seven languages; technical and financial texts, such as annual reports, newsletters, and also the companies key values

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Footway 9 språk

Quality control: Footway

21 Oct 2017

Avison carried out a professional quality control of existing translations in 9 languages for Footway. The e-commerce shoe specialists wanted to ensure that users in all of their markets enjoyed the ultimate user experience when shopping on Footway’s various sites.

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Undertexter CokeTV

Avison subtitles for CokeTV

21 Oct 2017

In collaboration with MAG5, a Stockholm-based creator of premium branded content for social media, Avison was tasked with subtitling CokeTV’s YouTube channels in the Nordic markets Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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Översättning åt CleverLearning

CleverLearning. An e-learning agency

18 Sep 2017

  Clever solutions need clever translations. CleverLearning helps you succeed with e-learning, both on the computer an on mobile devices. The company helps other companies, government authorities and nonprofit organisations, with everything from comprehensive orientation programs for new employees, to…

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Case: Mandarin interpreting for Chinese government officials & companies

16 Feb 2016

Client: Cloudberry Communications AB Event: Mainland China-Hong Kong Joint Investment & Partnership Mission to Stockholm Venue: IVA Konferenscenter, Stockholm, Sweden. Service rendered: Simultaneous interpreting, Chinese (Mandarin) < > English/Swedish.   This fascinating event, organised by Cloudberry Communications for their client,…

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Case: Spanish interpreting on the isle of… Öland.

23 Oct 2015

Client: Ölands Bank Event: Turism360 Venue: Ekerum Resort, Öland, Sweden. Service rendered: Simultaneous interpreting, Swedish < > Spanish.    Öland was bidding to regain its title as Sweden’s holiday paradise. And Öland Bank was holding a conference bringing together speakers…

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Meet Stephanie! Project manager and all-round language lover

17 Sep 2015

Stephanie, project manager here at Avison, has been working with languages in some capacity for the last twenty-five years.  She started as a book editor in New York and then worked as a freelance editor, teacher and writer when she…

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Avison translates Metro column on European refugee crisis

10 Sep 2015

We were excited to be able to help Metro, one of the most widely-read dailies in Europe, and Sweden’s largest, with the translation of a column piece from Arabic to Swedish.    Metro came to us with a a debate…

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Meet Markus! Translator’s tales no. 1

4 Aug 2015

Our translators are our everything! So we decided to present some of them. If nothing else, this goes to show you we don’t work with machine translation! Meet Markus, our nomadic narrator of a translator, who, at the time of…

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Cross-border care; careful translation

17 Jul 2015

Specialist medical translation for exciting medical tourism company located in Riga.   “… a friendly and professional service, and the result of the project was perfect. We are extremely satisfied with the translation!” Swedish Medcare AS is a Swedish-owned company with…

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Subtitle translation; Nordic foster children

13 Jan 2015

  A rewarding subtitle project for a valuable organisation. A short film about Nordic foster children, translated into Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian.  The Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers….

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Case: Challenging subtitle translation for training videos.

21 Oct 2014

“… the English translation ended up better/more professional than the Swedish original… and that must be the best praise a translator can receive.”   Blue Marble Stories AB make entertaining, informational and encouraging films. Both fiction and commercial. They tell…

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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Live interpreting of online conferences. Sustainable solution with fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel & venues.

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Interpreting: Yemen Peace Talks

Simultaneous interpreting, Arabic <> English. Peace talks on Yemen. Houthi rebels, UN envoi, Yemeni government…

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Interpreting: World Water Week

Interpreting several languages for WWF and UN Water at World Water Week i Stockholm

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