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1 Jun 2013

Do you read books in English? Do you read eBooks on your iPad? Do you sometimes struggle with the English words and turn to a dictionary? If the answer to at least one of these questions is “yes,” then try Flikkt on your iPad. It’s a free reading app that allows you to learn the English language with the help of immediate (and human!) context-sensitive definitions and translations of difficult words. And you can save the words to learn them, using flashcards and fun word games and exercises. There is one free book available, and the others are fairly reasonably priced.


At the moment there are some English classics available to read in Flikkt and some easy-reader books from Cambridge University Press (perfect for language learners!), and the library of books is set to expand.

As well as the iPad version, there is also a Web-based version of Flikkt. This is perfect for schools and it has added classroom functionality for teachers to track their students’ reading and language learning. The beauty of the translations and definitions in Flikkt is that they are not machine-generated. They are done by humans. Language experts and translators. So when you read a book in Flikkt, you learn the correct words in context. A real advancement in language learning.

Try Flikkt on your iPad here, or on the Web here.

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