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Relocating to China?

12 Sep 2011

Then you want to be able to say and do the right things when you get there. Take a quick course in the basics of the Chinese language (Mandarin) and the business culture. According to some sources, China has now surpassed the US as the world’s largest economy. And it’s certainly an exhilarating country in which to work.

3 quick tips:

– When a Chinese person hands you a business card, never put it in your back pocket…

– Every word in the Chinese language has at least 4 meanings, so learn the different tones.

– When signing a contract in China, make sure to see a good English translation of it. Note that the Chinese version will take precedence in a court of law, so have that checked as well by a local!

If you or your staff are planning to relocate to China for work, we can tailor a course to help with the basics of the Chinese language and business culture. Take proactive steps to prepare yourself and make your transition into the new surroundings and culture as smooth as possible.

The course will help you start a life in a bustling Chinese city; beginner Mandarin, meanings of characters, Chinese social customs, and just how to get by. And you will gain insight into how the Chinese do business, and the behaviour expected of you in meetings and out among the locals and their culture. Our qualified, native Chinese trainers put you at ease, and give you the tools and confidence for this significant relocation.

Book an intensive course from 1 to 5 days, or book 4 hours! You will leave for China feeling confident and prepared for your new life in this exciting part of the world. Or book 80 hours over 40 weeks; we’ll tailor the course to your needs. 

Avison Communication provides language and cultural training in the world’s main business languages. Relocating? Talk to us, and maybe we can give you the cultural and language skills to help you acclimatise. We also translate, localise, transcreate and re-write business documents, including app content, websites, technical manuals, contracts and more, in over 40 languages. If you need a local presence on a global marketplace, get in touch. 


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