Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Avison offers interpreting of your online presentations or conferences in realtime, remotely, via a simple browser-based platform.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) allows you to reach an international audience without requiring physical premises.

Our existing pool of professional interpreters can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreting remotely, in virtual booths. The platform has been designed by our Danish business partner specifically for online interpreting.

The sustainable choice

More than ever, companies need to reduce their carbon footprints. RSI can hae a huge impact on companies’ environmental efforts.

Host your webinar or virtual sales pitch using a simple online platform, with built-in interpreting capabilities, without the need for large venues or travel. Participants join from their home or office and the interpreters work remotely in virtual interpreting booths.

Innovative new tech, with virtual interpreting booths

Telephone interpreting is one option. But it has its limits. Advanced new technology now allows up to 250 participants to take part in an online conference that can be interpreted simultaneously (or consecutively if preferred) into several languages at once. The interpreters work in pairs as usual, and each has a virtual interpreting booth. They can switch between interpreters and users can switch target language when necessary.

So you can quickly arrange your event directly from your home or office and deliver it in several languages across the world. The perfect tool for remote interpreting of online meetings, webinars, video conferences, remote training sessions or similar.

Your delegates can see the presenter, as well as any visual aids being used, in the browser-based interface. The interpreting can be heard simultaneously in the same platform, or in a mobile app, and is carried out by experienced, human interpreters. Old school meets new tech!

Why Avison?

Avison Communication has an established client based of multinationals and small local businesses. 

We provide professional, qualified and experienced interpreters at reasonable prices.

Our interpreters are now ready to adapt to the times and work with RSI – remote simultaneous interpreting – to allow business to go on as usual.

Get in touch to find out more about remote simultaneous interpreting. 

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Old school meets new tech! We provide remote interpreting of your online events, using browser-based technology and human interpreters (good ones!).


The digital interpreting agency

Why employ RSI for interpreting?

Remote simultaneous interpreting is the future of event interpretation. With the current global situation, not to mention the need to reduce carbon footprints, more and more companies are turning online for their seminars, presentations, conferences and training. And RSI allows them to address an international market online.

  • Easy browser-based technology allowing you to reach an international audience with no need for a physical venue.*
  • Save time and quickly organise your event, delivering it in several langauges around the world.
  • Save money with fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel & venues.
  • Our existing pool of professional interpreters will be available in virtual booths, making use of the perfect setup to provide professional simultaneous or consecutive interpreting of your event.
  • Technical online support during your event.
  • A sustainable solution that both facilitates your meetings and events in the current situation, and also reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

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* We use our own interpreters and work with a partner to provide the technical platform

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Live interpreting of online conferences. Sustainable solution with fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel & venues.

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