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Interpreting sensodyne

Sensodyne: Interpreting. Transcribing. Translation. What a mouthful!

Client: The Producers. End client: Sensodyne.

Task: Simultaneous interpreting, transcription and translation of dentist interviews. Swedish and Norwegian to English.

We love this project. We’ve been involved several times in recent years. Over a number of days, we help Sensodyne, and our client The Producers, to bring their well-known dentist interview TV commercials to life.

We have a team on site to help with realtime (simultaneous) interpreting into English, enabling the production team to understand what is going on, and thereby direct the interviews with the dentists efficiently. Another team then transcribes all the interviews (days of material), allowing a third team to translate the interviews into English. Sounds like a complex process, but it helps The Producers… produce! The results can be seen in the spotless Sensodyne TV commercials.

Anahi Börde, Line Producer at The Producers says: “We’ve used Avison for our simulations interpreting, translation and transcription needs for several years now. The projects have sometimes been challenging, but Avison’s project managers and interpreters are always up to the task, and are always making sure we’re satisfied with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Avison for interpreting services in the languages they work with.”

The Producers Sweden consists of a group of executive producers with long and solid experience of commercial film projects. They offer services and advice at any stage of production, to advertising agencies, clients and production companies. They can put together tailor-made creative and production teams to fit any brief, big or small. Visit The Producers’ site here.

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