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Below is a list of the languages we work with. If you require translation, interpreting, proofreading/copywriting or language & cultural training in any language not shown below, don’t hesitate to contact us anyway. 

Avison Communication AB is a Stockholm-based translation, language and communication agency. We provide international clients with full solutions for translation/localisation, copywriting and proofreading, interpreting, language and cultural training, subtitling and voiceover work. To read more about the language services we provide, click here. 

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NorwegianPolishPersian /FarsiPortuguese

Interpreting: Yemen Peace Talks

Simultaneous interpreting, Arabic <> English. Peace talks on Yemen. Houthi rebels, UN envoi, Yemeni government…

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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Live interpreting of online conferences. Sustainable solution with fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel & venues.

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Interpreting: e-Champions League

Spanish < > English interpreting: e-Champions League Finals 2022interpreting, Arabic <> English in Stockholm.

Clients & sectors

Read about some of the clients Avison helps with their international communication strategies.

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Avison Communication is a translation & language services provider that provides

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Read about Avison’s latest projects and other news from the translation and language industry.

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What languages do we cover?

Avison translates and interprets between more than 50 languages.

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