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Language & communication training

Tailor-made language courses. Several languages. Flexible schedules. In Sweden or abroad.


Professional language & communication training

Do you do business with other countries? Are you relocating to another market?

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In today’s business climate, it is often essential to be able to communicate with clients, suppliers, business partners and investors from around the world. Having the ability to communicate in your counterpart’s language in a confident manner will always give you a head start in business. Learning a language does not have to be about sitting in a classroom doing grammar and vocabulary exercises. Learning a language should be about communicating, about daring to be the same, consummate professional you are in your mother tongue, in the language you are learning.

Avison helps professionals who need to improve their communication skills in various languages. We send a language trainer out to the client’s place of work (or can organise courses at our offices in Stockholm, Sweden, or at partner schools in other countries), and run courses in small groups or 1-1, at times that suit both learner(s) and trainer. Courses can be general or more specific, for example presentation skills, written communication, and so on. We also offer online distance language courses, or webinars. 

Where possible, course material comes from the learners’ place of work and a course plan is made to suit their needs.

To get a quote on a course, click here to send us an email or click here to use our contact form. 


In today’s business climate, effective communication is essential. Language is an essential part of this communication. So why should you order a language & communication course from Avison? Here’s some information about the training we offer: 


• One-one or small groups. The fewer language learners per trainer, the more efficient the course. Maximum group size of 6 participants. 

• Tailor-made: Dynamic, situational course program, tailored to the language learners’ needs. We offer courses in a growing number of languages. And we build the course content according to what the clients need to learn. This could be anything rom grammatical support to negotiation skills and presentation techniques.

 Intensive courses, more extensive courses at the clients’ place of work or language trips to countries where the language is spoken. Courses can be more conversational, or more technical and grammar-based. Our communicative approach is built around as much learner talk-time as possible.

Online courses. We also offer online, distance courses, or webinars.

• Appropriate materials: The material used in the language courses is based on the clients’ needs, and where possible we use real material and cases from their working environment.  

Several languages.

• Flexible scheduling: Avison’s trainers come to the clients’ work place if necessary, and the timing of the course is agreed upon between group/individual and trainer. 

Language studies abroad. 


Our language trainers:

• are experienced experts, with backgrounds from different business sectors.

• teach solely in their native language. 

• facilitate the language learning process using a communicative approach that allows the learners as much talk-time in the lessons as possible. 


For further information, references or pricing for our language & communication courses, click here to contact us. 

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