Translation & localisation

Translations in over 50 languages

Avison Communication is a modern translation agency. We can help your company and your products or services to be seen on an international marketplace.

The various types of translation and localisation services we provide are outlined below. Click the buttons to get a quick quote on your translation project.

Translation and localisation

Over the last 14 years, we have built up a broad network of translators from around the world. We cover over 50 languages and most areas of expertise. We translate and localise mobile applications, websites, manuals, financial documents, reports, blogs, social media content and more.

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All translators are tested and screened thoroughly before working for us. This way of working with a broad selection of freelance translators allows us to be flexible (quick deliveries, jobs over weekends etc.) and reasonably priced. We always take the local culture into consideration when translating texts. A translation should be more of a localisation; always having the target readership in mind when adapting a text. This is where Google Translate will never make the grade…

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Prices for translation are on a per word basis (number of words in source text), and vary according to language combination, complexity of text/subject area and deadline.

Discounts: we can also analyse a text before translation and determine if there are any words in repeated phrases. Our pricing then includes a discount on such repetitions.