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2 Jul 2014

Experts in an international environment need expert translations. 

SKL International is one of Sweden’s leading organisations in local governance, decentralisation and local democracy. The company is owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and uses knowledge and experience from Swedish local government to improve democratic planning and administration in other countries. To date, SKL International has delivered projects in more than 30 countries around the world and has a local presence in Jordan, Tunisia and Albania.

SKL International came to Avison with an acute need for help with a translation from English into French. The document was a set of project references for the EU that described SKL International’s projects in Turkey, Serbia, Tunisia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The translation work was such that it required a good dialogue with the client in order to correctly localise the industry-specific terminology, or jargon, used in the project. This was no problem, and we were able to start a translation glossary uniquely for SKL International. The project went smoothly, and we have since worked together on further translations for EU projects from English into French.

We enjoy challenging projects such as these, and look forward to working with SKL International on more translation projects, including more languages and more topics going forward. 

Suzanne Krook, Project Development Manager at SKL International, says “I just want to say that I was very happy with Avison’s responsiveness and customer service. I’ve forwarded the company details around the office and I’m sure one of us will be in touch for translation work in future.”

We have had the pleasure of providing translations for many organisations with an international presence, from SOS Children’s Villages to East Capital, an asset management company specialising in the East. From world-leading gaming app Ruzzle, to household name DHL. We translate reports, prospectuses, brochures, apps, manuals, websites and much, much more, into over 40 of the world’s prominent business languages. Contact us today for a quick and competitive translation quote*

Avison also supplies leading international companies with interpreting services, language and cultural training courses, proofreading & copywriting work, and subtitling and voiceover work. 


*We use human translators. They are experienced, qualified, and good at what they do. We only use translation software to assist in our work, adding to efficiency. For this reason, we are not the cheapest agency out there. But our clients are prepared to pay for their message to be broadcast around the world correctly, with cultural sensitivity, and concisely. 

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