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21 Jan 2014

Kruger Cowne is one of Europe’s leading talent management agencies and speaker bureaus, and is recognised around the world. As a premier talent management agency, Kruger Cowne knows the importance of making a good impression, whether it’s at a corporate dinner, charity event or in the public sphere. And the same needs to be true for the company’s communication and marketing materials. 

Kruger Cowne produces a newsletter in order to solidify its business in the Nordic countries and as a cost-effective and measurable complement to print media and PR. Caligraph is the Swedish marketing and communication agency that has been tasked with helping to put the newsletter together and get it out to market in the Nordics. Caligraph’s services include project management, copywriting for the web and traditional media, ghost-writing and email marketing. MailDirect is the e-communication tool used for the campaigns here in the Nordics. 

Avison Communication has teamed up with Caligraph to help guarantee the translation of the Kruger Cowne newsletter into Norwegian and Finnish is as professional as possible. Using translators with experience from marketing and communication, we ensure the message in the newsletter is localised and suitable for the end client’s readers in Norway and Finland.  

Julieta Spoerer, project manager at Caligraph, says “For me it is a matter of finding people and companies who can provide a high level of quality for my client and at the same time make my life easier. Avison does just that. They are competent, skilled, quick and extremely easy to work with on translation projects. All I have to do is send them the material and wait for the excellent result. A win/win for me and for my clients.” 


Do you have a newsletter or other type of marketing material that you would like to translate and localise for other markets? We can help you translate your newsletter, website, apps, documents or films into over 40 of the world’s most common languages. Avison Communication is a leading translation, localisation, transcreation, proofreading and copywriting agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We also provide interpreting, language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you communicate across borders.  

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