Tiny rally, big world

20 Aug 2014


Translation; Pico Rally ready for a worldwide user base.

Raketspel makes apps and games for advertising campaigns and gaming portals. Pico Rally is the Swedish company’s latest game release. And what a fun little app it is! Fast, furious and super simple. And with rally stages around the globe, it lets your imagination run wild.  

We love working with fun apps, and Pico Rally is no exception. We’ve translated the game into 11 languages (Arabic, Chinese Mandarin [simplified & traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese [Brazilian], Russian and Spanish). With this broad localisation, Raketspel hopes to attract gamers around the world. With a great overhead playing view that takes some of us of a certain age back to the wonderful (and highly addictive) Micro Machines game in the 90s, the addiction factor of Pico Rally is not going to be so pico*! 


Johan Höglund, founder of Raketspel, says “We use Avison when we translate and localise games. Good value, fast service and nice to deal with. If they were an app, it’d be a five star review in the App Store :-)”

We hope Pico Rally does really well around the world, and look forward to more translation and localisation projects for Raketspel, and other app makers out there.

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* pico-

word-forming element used in making names for very small units of measure, 1915 (formally adopted c.1952 as a scientific prefix meaning “one trillionth”), from Spanish pico “a little over, a small balance,” literally “sharp point, beak,” of Celtic origin. Source: http://www.etymonline.com/




** We use human translators. They are experienced, qualified, and good at what they do. We only use translation software to assist in our work, adding to efficiency. For this reason, we are not the cheapest agency out there. But our clients are prepared to pay for their message to be broadcast around the world correctly, with cultural sensitivity, and concisely. 

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