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“Avison were… flexible and accommodating, and able to deliver good quality in a short space of time”


Client: Kompetens Express

Need: Translation from Swedish to English. The client had a lot of material. And not a lot of time. The requirement was to have video lectures, conversations, film scripts, exercises, audio files, and other aspects that go into making their e-learning solutions, translated and localised from Swedish into English. And all over a span of just 2-6 weeks.

Solution: We wanted to get our best team on this, and soon managed to free up the schedules of the most suitable, and the fastest, of our Swedish to English translators. With part deliveries and a good line of communication between the project managers at Avison and at the client, we were able to meet the requirements of the project.

Charlotte Cribbin, project manager and E-learning producer at Kompetens Express, says “We hired Avison to translate a digital training program from Swedish to English. There were approx. 65,000 words to translate, and the time frame was short. It was easy to work with Avison – they were always quick to respond, and the dialogue was good. They were flexible and accommodating, and able to deliver good quality in a short space of time. I would highly recommend Avison’s translation services.”

Kompetens Express are experts at providing knowledge digitally. They have an e-library of online training programs for business, with a focus on communication, leadership and effectivity. You can read more about the company’s products here.

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We translated over 150 projects from Swedish to English in the last 12 months alone, by the way.

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Tolkning: e-Champions League

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Simultantolkning i direktsändning (engelska, franska, spanska) vid hybridevent i Stockholm och online för INTER PARES.


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