Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI).

Reach an international audience without the need for a physical venue.

Live interpreting of webinars and online conferences via simple browser-based technology

Fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel and venues.


Our interpreters work in virtual booths to provide professional simultaneous interpreting.

Sustainable solution for your meetings and events, reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Reach an international audience without the need for a physical venue.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

We are training our pool of interpreters in a multilingual web platform for simultaneous interpreting (voice translation). Regular interpreting services carried out by professional interpreters, remotely.

If you are organising webinars, online presentations, or conferences for multilingual audiences anywhere in the world, we can now provide you with the interpreters using an online platform designed solely for this purpose – so called remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). Use the button above or the form below to contact us to talk about this opportunity.

Perfect for interpreting virtual meetings, video conferences, webinars, online training and web presentations into several languages at once.

Up to 250 participants.


  • Simple: browser-based technology that allows you to reach an international audience without the need for a physical venue.
  • Time saving: quickly organise your event and deliver it in multiple langauges around the world.
  • Money saving: fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel and venues.
  • Professional simultaneous interpreters: our existing pool of interpreters will be available in virtual booths and have the perfect setup to provide professional simultaneous (or consecutive if required) interpreting of your proceedings.
  • Technical support: Technicians provide online support during your event.
  • Environmental impact: Sustainable solution that both facilitates your meetings and events in the current situation, and also reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Contact us to learn more about remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) or to get a free quote.

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Avison Communication AB is a Stockholm-based translation, interpreting & language services provider that helps its clients communicate on a global marketplace.

Avison Communication was established in 2002 by Miles Avison. Since then, we have developed into a professional, modern and diverse translation, interpreting and language agency, working with over 50 of the world’s most common business languages. We help companies communicate across borders, providing them with translation and localisation, language training, interpreting, subtitling and advisory services within language and communication.

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We have spent years building up a comprehensive database of freelance translators, language trainers, interpreters and other language experts. The ties we have with these individuals, based all over the world, are invaluable to our business success. These are the assets that allow us to deliver a quality service to our clients.