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Providing translation, interpreting and language training services since 2002


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

About us

Avison Communication AB is a Stockholm-based translation, interpreting & language services provider that helps its clients communicate on a global marketplace.

Avison Communication was established in 2002 by Miles Avison. Since then, we have developed into a professional, modern and diverse translation, interpreting and language agency, working with over 50 of the world’s most common business languages. We help companies communicate across borders, providing them with translation and localisation, language training, interpreting, film dubbing and subtitling and advisory services within language and communication. Click here to read more about our services. 

So if you have a mobile application that you want to translate and take global, or a delegation from China coming for an important meeting, requiring interpreters… or if you are relocating to India and need training in the local language and culture… or maybe you want to localise your product and sell it in 10 more countries… get in contact with us here. 

The Team


Miles Avison, Founder & CEO

As well as founding and running Avison Communication, Miles also founded an online social network in his native UK. Miles is an entrepreneur with an interest in innovative media, culture and communication. His background in language training, localisation and translation also led Avison to partner with a company called Flikkt, which developed a language learning app. Avison brought relevant experience to the development of Flikkt’s language enhancement application.

Miles has a degree in business studies and French from the University of Sheffield in the UK and has lived in France and Sweden since commencing his professional career. Also a singer and an artist, Miles offers a creative touch to running the business. Miles speaks English, Swedish and French, and some German.



Stephanie Lindqvist, Project Manager & Language Trainer

Stephanie has been working with languages for 26 years (at time of writing). She has experience from book editing, copy editing, teaching languages, translating and writing.

The fact that Stephanie is so well-travelled also makes her the perfect point of contact for both clients and translators/interpreters/teachers here at Avison. She is from the United States and has worked and/or lived in New York, Russia, the Czech Republic, France, the Philippines, Turkey and Sweden.

Stephanie is an avid gardener, reader and member of the language police! So she is perfectly at home at a translation agency where we like to enforce language law!

Her main responsibilities include managing projects, handling client accounts, researching and recruiting new translators, teachers and interpreters, and some in-house editing, English training, and translation work.

Stephanie speaks Swedish and French, and some Russian and Turkish (disclaimer: the last two are very rusty). Her native language is English.


Our translators, language trainers and consultants

We have spent years building up a comprehensive database of freelance translators, language trainers, interpreters and other language experts. The ties we have with these individuals, based all over the world, are invaluable to our business success. These are the assets that allow us to deliver a quality service to our clients.

Our translators only translate into their native language(s). They have varying backgrounds, from technical to sales, digital marketing to medical. They are also required to have at least 2 years of professional translation experience, and they are screened by us before joining our team. To read more about the Avison translation process, click here.


“Avison, the language of communication…”

We hope you share our view on the importance of language and culture in today’s global business climate. And we hope you decide to use Avison Communication as your choice of partner when communicating across borders…

Language is all about communication; having the confidence and the tools to communicate across borders and between cultures.

Avison provides translations between the most common business languages in the world. We are flexible, professional, timely and affordable. Avison’s translators are all over the world, and work most often in the country of origin for the language into which they translate. We translate most kinds of documents, including mobile apps, Web texts, reports, brochures, contracts, manuals, software systems, financial documents, technical documents and so on. Avison’s translators understand that a translation is all about the end reader. Language evolves, language embodies culture and language communicates our message to the world. Avison works with large multinationals and small local businesses alike.

One area in which we are working more and more is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) content in various languages. So if you want your Web site to top the Google search, whatever the country, get in touch with us…

We also provide professional tailor-made language courses in a number of languages, as well as coaching and consulting within cross-cultural communication (which is of course a notion that comes into our translation and language training work).

A relatively new service for Avison is interpreting. We provide clients in Sweden (including ICA and Norstat) with both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. Click here to read more about the language services we offer out of our Stockholm office.

To get a quote on a document translation, interpreting job or a language course, click here

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Live interpreting of online conferences. Sustainable solution with fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel & venues.

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Interpreting: Yemen Peace Talks

Simultaneous interpreting, Arabic <> English. Peace talks on Yemen. Houthi rebels, UN envoi, Yemeni government…

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Avison Communication is a translation & language services provider that provides

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