The Avison translation process

At Avison Communication, we use only human translators to do the translation work. We do however use technological tools (CAT tools; Computer Assisted Translation) that not only ensure the quality of the work, but also allow us to offer our clients discounts based on repetitions in texts, volumes of content and so on.

Every project is carefully managed, matching each text with the most appropriate translation team; we pay attention to both experience and background. All of our translators translate into their first or native language(s) and are thoroughly screened before working for us.

When we send a proposal/quote, we offer two options. The first focuses on cost-effectiveness. The second focuses on a higher level of quality assurance. Do you need help choosing the right option for your project? Just contact one of our project managers.

While the project is underway, we encourage interaction between the client and the project manager. Quality is improved if clients can answer any questions our translation team may have, and provide us with any reference material that may help us to do an even better job.

All translation projects have a feedback and questions period. This is an open dialogue with the client to finalise translation projects.


Interpreting: Yemen Peace Talks

Simultaneous interpreting, Arabic <> English. Peace talks on Yemen. Houthi rebels, UN envoi, Yemeni government…

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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Live interpreting of online conferences. Sustainable solution with fewer costs for equipment, technicians, travel & venues.

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Interpreting: e-Champions League

Spanish < > English interpreting: e-Champions League Finals 2022interpreting, Arabic <> English in Stockholm.

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Avison Communication is a translation & language services provider that provides

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Avison translates and interprets between more than 50 languages.

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