Case: Spanish interpreting on the isle of… Öland.

Client: Ölands Bank

Event: Turism360

Venue: Ekerum Resort, Öland, Sweden.

Service rendered: Simultaneous interpreting, Swedish < > Spanish.

Öland was bidding to regain its title as Sweden’s holiday paradise. And Öland Bank was holding a conference bringing together speakers from far and wide to discuss the theme of experiences within tourism, and how they can contribute to profitability throughout the year.

Ölands Bank is active in encouraging local businesses and entrepreneurship on Öland, and this spirit of belief in what the island has to offer is reflected in the bank’s hosting the Turism360 event.

Avison was entrusted with providing Spanish interpreting (Swedish to Spanish and Spanish to Swedish) during the conference. We provided two talented simultaneous interpreters who were able to make sure non Swedish-speaking delegates at the conference could enjoy the presentations, with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Robert Alander, Marketing Assistant at the bank, says “ Öland is, and has been for a long time, dependent on its hospitality industry, which doesn’t run itself. Turism360 is just the beginning of a long and challenging collaboration with and between businesses in hospitality here. The event itself was a great success, and all participants – both visitors and speakers – were very satisfied with the quality and professionalism of the service provided by Avison”. 

Simultaneous interpreting at an event of this nature is a real challenge. Interpreters are required to focus their brains to such an extent that they can repeat exactly what a speaker is saying, with the same tone and style… in a different language… as the speaker is saying it! Concentration on extreme levels. Simultaneous interpreters typically sit in 2s per language, and switch after 20-30 minutes, depending on the subject matter and pace of the presentations. They sit in a booth and translate with a headset and microphone, so the delegates in need of interpreting receive the translation, also via headset, directly in their ear in realtime.

It’s always fun to successfully meet a challenge. And this time on the wonderful Swedish isle of Öland. Thank you Ölands Bank for entrusting us with this interpreting job. We look forward to working with you again.

We are able to provide professional interpreters for conference interpreting, simultaneous or consecutive, for smaller meetings, at schools, or for medical consultations. We work with most of the common languages required in Sweden and around Europe. Feel free to contact us with your interpreting request. 

Avison Communication is a Stockholm-based language and translation agency working with over 50 languages. If you require, translation, interpreting, language training, subtitling or voiceover, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a project manager here.

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