How thoughtful!

19 Mar 2013

This vivacious, young app company wants to encourage you to be picky about what you think. To consciously pick more uplifting, soothing and better-feeling thoughts. Thoughtful app for iPhone will make it easier for you to choose and use powerful thoughts of well-being, wealth and love. And we think that’s rather nice!

And what’s also nice is that they chose to work with Avison Communication to help them fine-tune the choice of language in their promotional material (click here to read it) and to translate and localise the material into Spanish, so even the Spanish can have more positive thoughts emanating from their mobile devices and their very beings!

Anna, from Lumumma Infodesign, the company behind the app, said of the partnership “I have to let you know how much I appreciate that you asked me if I wanted to have the content proofread. I feel a lot more peaceful now that it has been proofread 🙂 That was such a good (and probably obvious) idea! The proofreading is beautifully done… Anyway – wonderful work! I am so glad I found you guys!”

Avison translates, localises, transcreates and re-writes all sorts of documents, from apps to contracts, between over 40 of the world’s languages. Get in touch if your company needs a local presence on an international marketplace.

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