Unhate campaign

Don’t hate, communicate!

17 Nov 2011

I am sure you have seen the fantastic and, as always, controversial new campaign from Benetton; the UNHATE Campaign. It’s all about the fine line between love and hate.

It’s about us embracing the idea of combating hatred… on a global level. In this campaign, Benetton takes a look at the most prominent and powerful people in our world. And in a world of growing internationalization, but widening culture gaps, brings them together.

The need to communicate and understand one another is greater than ever. Can’t we just examine one another’s cultures and beliefs and give them a great big smack on the lips? We can embrace one another, and still remain aware of our differences. That’s our challenge.

From the site: What does UNHATE mean? UN-hate. Stop hating, if you were hating. Unhate is a message that invites us to consider that hate and love are not as far away from each other as we think. Actually, the two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance. Our campaign promotes a shift in the balance: don’t hate, Unhate

The UNHATE Foundation, desired and founded by the Benetton Group, seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance, to combat hatred, building on Benetton’s underpinning values

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